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Horse and Cob harness parts including Miniature harness, draft harness, pony harness for leisure & work. Supplies include reins, collars, bits, bridles & boots.

Send us you Favorite Horse, Pony and Draft Pictures.

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We would love to showcase your Gorgeous Equine. Introducing a photo gallery of great horses, buggies and more.
Please send us an email with your photo of choice and we will review. Your photo can be world wide for all to see.
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Look below to see some happy Chimacum and Comfy Fit Harness Photos.

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Chimacum Tack Horse Image

Mini Mini Horse Photo compliments of Chimcaum Tack Horse Photo Compliments of Comfy Fit Harness
Chimacum Horse Image
Compliments of Chimacum Horse Tack
donkey Donkey Donkey

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horse and buggy Donkey