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Horse and Cob harness parts including Miniature harness, draft harness, pony harness. Amish made Comfy-Fit for Mini, Horse, Draft, Pony, Donkey & Mule. Made in the USA.
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Shop ComfyFit- Equine Driving Harness for Mini, Donkey, Mule, Horse and Draft - shop.comfyfitharness.com

ComfyFitCOMFY FIT HARNESS Mini, Pony, Horse, Cob &
Draft, Donkey, Mule

Miniature Horse, Pony, Mini Donkey, Mule, Draft, Horse, Cob Driving Harness / www.comfyfitharness.com
Mini and Pony Bridles, harness, bits, English/Western Riding Reins, Halters, breast collars, Bell Boots, Hame straps, neck straps and more.

All custom-made parts and all parts with solid brass hardware take 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. In stock parts items can ship within 10 days.

Amish-Made Comfy Fit for Mini, Horse, Draft and Pony


Comfy Fit Harnessess ™ are American-made
Comfy Fit Harness is Made in the USA / www.comfyfitharness.com

Carefree, Synthetic Padding / comfyfitharness.com
Carefree harnesses are the same quality harness as our standard Comfy Fit Harness. Instead of having the soft, specially treated leather linings, they are made with a very soft, flexible, waffle weave vinyl padding. Easy to clean with protective leather, Carefree harness is completely synthetic and washes with water.

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Comfy Fit is a excellant Marathon Harness

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Comfy Fit Harness TM is American Made with the Best Premium Materials / www.comfyfitharness.com
ComfyFit Harness™
can stand up to anything.
Driving Harness, Pony, Cob, Draft, Miniature, Donkey, Mule, Cob / www.comfyfitharness.com
Comfy Fit Harness Durability / www.comfyfitharness.com Comfort and Durability
made with
Quality Craftsmanship

Harness-American Made-Amish made - ComfyFit Harness / www.comfyfitharness.com

Comfy Fit Harness-Pony, Miniature Horse, Draft, Horse, Cob, Donkey, Mule Driving Harness / www.comfyfitharness.com

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